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I knew it was the end when I first saw him. His bald head glistened in the sunlight, his face glowed red with the cold. He had short hair that seemed to form horns on either side of his head. Wearing a dark coat, black as night, making it seem as if he was darkness itself.
All I could see in his face was hate, the hatred of his past victims, and his hate for me. I did not know what caused this hate, but I knew it was nothing I did. I was known for being a caring and compassionate human being. Even I felt that I did not deserve this, no one did.
Earlier, when I heard the first shots, I knew something horrible was going to happen. I could feel every shot, they shook the building and I shuddered. I knew my friends and colleagues were being slaughtered, like lambs sacrificed for the devil. As soon as I heard one shot, and then another, I knew I had to hide the children. I hid them in the janitors closet across the hall. It was during class when he walked into the room, all my students were absent. He asked me where they were and I told them they were off to the gym. He believed me.
I could see the gun, black metal reflecting the light of the sun. He aimed it at me, I stared down the bore, a hole darker than night.
The shot rang out, tearing my very existence. I could feel the burning of where the bullet tore through my flesh, could see my life blood pouring out of the hole. My blood was crimson, it was flowing out with every breath. Acid from my stomach was mixed with it, making it a soft pink colour against the white, tiled floor. I knew that I would be dead at any moment. Thoughts of my family ran through my mind. My husband would lose a wife, my son a Mother. Tears came to my eyes at those thoughts.
I could see the light, a light shining, a light shining like a star in the dead of winter. It was shining so bright I could see it as much with my eyes closed as when they were open. The pain was leaving and I could feel myself lifting my body off of the floor, and then eventually standing before the light.
I could see shadows in the light. It was an angel, stepping out of the light to greet me. She looked at me for a second as if she was checking me over and then she held out her hand, gesturing for me to go with her. I grabbed her hand and all of the fear and doubts that filled me suddenly went and left.  I looked down and saw my body, pale and lifeless laying on the ground.
I knew this was the end of my story, other peoples stories were about to change forever. I knew I would be going to a better place, a place where I would never again know the meaning of hate and lust. I looked at the angel, her face serene and longing for me to join her and then I stepped through the light.
Blood Of An Innocent Woman
These thoughts were running through my head as I was writing this. How would someone feel if a shooter came into their work place when they were trying to work, and then having the unthinkable happen. The character is somewhat based off of the teacher who hid her students in the closet during the Sandy Hook Shooting. Please tell me what you think. There is some religious content such as heaven and angels mentioned in the story so watch out.
Snow is falling
Gliding like angels
On the heavenly wind
Singing and calling
The angels who tell
Of joy in their kind

Alleluia to those who hear
The truth of their song
The song of happiness and joy
They cry but one tear
The real meaning is wrong
One of want and play

Where did the past go
The one with the Christ Baby
Laying his sweet head
In the manger, Oh his heavenly toe
Falling down with the snow, maybe
But the joy has long since died

And as the snow slowly falls
Remember the angels joyous song
Attempting to spread joy to the world
One that has forgotten the calls
One that is surely not wrong
So just spread the word

To those that hear
Angels Song
A poem I wrote last year
What lies beneath
This made up face
Overturn the leaf
To see a heart cold as mace

The fakeness of the world to come
Is bleak when left unsaid
For love and peace may be done
For that the future has paid

Why do we do this
What did we miss
No more warm mothers kiss
Or children playing in bliss
Bleak Future
A poem I wrote last year.
Do I hear something
You merciless swine
Your voice sounds like a swing
Oiled with yesterdays wine

You talk with no stop
Yet you ignore
You think your on top
I think your top snores

I am angry at you
You dont seem to notice
We could all start anew
If only I could entice
Todays Teen
A poem I wrote last year.
You want friends
I dont see it
Your observant
You didnt notice it

Why would I
See you for
Who you are not
You impeccable fool

I see through
All that rubbish
This will make you ru
What is coming next

Abandoned and lonely
You still dont see
Open your eyes
You impeccable fool
Impeccable Fool
A poem I wrote last year.
  • Mood: Hungry
Every day now I will post a poem that I wrote at some point. I have a whole bunch of unpublished poetry that I will post everyday until I run out.
I currently have writers block, so maybe this will help with it.


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Emma Louise
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I pretty much draw cartoon and the ocassional abstract sketch, not all my art is uploaded yet though. Nobody better steal my ideas or I will find you.

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